What is Primal Movement Academy Perth all about?

Primal and mixed movement arts, simplicity and innovation – class and elegance enhancing your behaviour flexibility and cognitive reference.

Animals characteristics have a essential force, animals can be supportive for a metaphor, synonymous with fear and hybrid creatures.

When you move on the ground, it gives you operating tools of connection, superior tools of intuition and increased awareness.

Primal Movement Academy Perth Concepts “Brain and movement”

“Mind the body”
“Zen philosophy and movement”
“Methodology ,precision, mastery and evolutionary
“Mind, space and movement”
“Visualizing and creativity”
“Moving bodies-moving minds”

Primal Movement Academy Perth Methodology

“The training can be manifested by the threefold relationship”
Creativity -‘The fight is from within”

Primal Movement Academy Perth – Believe “The movement towards the future, allows survival. We created Primal Movement Academy to help understand and develop as humans.

Primal Movement Academy Perth – Studies how our skeletal structure along with the physiology, senses, anatomy systems all interrelate with our movements patterns behaviors, thought processes and emotions .

Primal Movement Academy Perth – Is an innovative mind and movement practice with wide applications from various modalities, martial Arts and health sciences.

Primal Movement Academy Perth – A physical and mental movement methodology
“where you are in movement spaces”.

Primal Movement Academy Perth – Allows you to validate and apply your knowledge creatively.

Primal Movement Academy Perth – Athletic movement, health studies, rhythm, communication, timing, coordination, kinetic exploration, power, strength, agility and lightness within the body.

Primal Movement Academy Perth – “Strive for excellence, Feel empowered ”