“Courage is refusing to be a slave to fear”

Tasha has been training with Primal Movement Academy since 2010 and is currently studying to be a qualified nurse. Tasha has a passion for body weight exercises and helping others succeed.

Tasha moves with sleekness and grace and her strength, courage and discipline is second to none. Tasha’s character is loving and she enjoys helping people succeed and her favourite exercises is hand standing and balancing, along with primal movements, bodyweight and animal flow drills.

Tasha become a Primal Movement Academy Coach in 2018.

Tasha has been involved with numerous demonstrations. She has coached kids and parents at movement workshops with Carlin Chiropractic in Cottesloe in 2018/2019 and community wellness workshops in 2017. 

Additionally Tasha was pictured in early editions of Oxygen Fitness Magazine in 2017 and has performed at the 2016 Everywoman Expos and various community events including Mothers Days performances at Karrinyup Shopping Centre in 2015/2016. 

Awards and Achievements:

Primal Movement Champion girl 2016

Primal Movement Champion girl 2015

Hanging drill Champion – 2015, duration 3.57 minutes

First Aid Qualified