Primal Movement Academy Perth training is based on:


There are ZERO boring training sessions at Primal Movement Academy Pert,.no two workouts are the same.

Training is functional movement style group training with a difference and is conducted in small groups.

Our elite training will increase your flexibility, agility, strength, mobility, power, endurance, coordination, mobility and speed.

Our motto is “Be as strong, agile and as light as you can be”

Want to improve Athletic Performance?

One of the unique aspects of Primal Animal Movement training is that it is multi-planar, meaning that you are moving through multiple planes of motion, rather than in just one like when running in a straight line.

Thus, the carryover from  Primal Movements into real world sports and athleticism is much greater. As in playing an actual sport. you are teaching your body to coordinate its movements as an entire unit rather than compartmentalising.

Want to improve your Cardiovascular Training?

We structure your training to achieve different cardio responses so you can perform some explosive forms and switches that are very intense and challenge your anaerobic energy system, followed by shorter rest periods. For longer more aerobic results you can link together less demanding forms and switches that can be maintained for longer durations at lower intensities! Feel the difference.

We incorporate Stability

All of the Primal Movements place the body in either ‘a two or four Pillar” position which is with hands and feet in contact with the ground. This position allows all of the stabilisation systems to be on and coordinating between each other. Everything from the wrists, shoulders, spine, hips and ankles. There is no joint that is left unchallenged! A stable body is a stronger body more resistant to injury.

We incorporate Mobility and Flexibility

One of the elements most often overlooked in training programs is joint mobility, working the ligaments, tendons, fascia, muscles and flexibility. The primal movement workouts pushes the body through movements that result in increased
mobility and flexibility naturally. Stretching is conducted through movement rather than isolation.

“Be as strong, agile and as light as you can”

One on one or small group training available .

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We have be featured in Oxygen Magine Australia (2017 editions) and performed at  the 2016 Everywoman Expo Australia plus many demonstrations at shopping centres, community events and gyms around Perth since 2005.